Part of my 2010 album ‘The Soul Rests Eternal’, featuring the fabulous cellist Caroline Dale and the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Grammy-award winning Musical Director Steve Sidwell.

Instrumentation: Solo cello, clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 horns, harp, xylophone, marimba, celesta, strings

Playing standard: Intermediate

Duration: 4’40”

From the Latin for ‘tinkling bell’, this is a perpetuum mobile featuring a range of tuned percussion instruments conspiring in a number of polyrhythms that start with straightforward interchanging semi-quavers and gradually become more complex, over which the orchestra gently surges with interleaved textures. The central section sees the polyrhythms increase in complexity as the cello and orchestra play a repetitive six-note soaring portamento phrase. In the recapitulation the orchestra takes up its own themes as a counterpoint to the solo cello before the piece comes to a close and the rhythmically insistent percussion winds down like a clock with a broken spring.