The Soul Rests Eternal


Part of my 2010 album ‘The Soul Rests Eternal’, featuring the fabulous cellist Caroline Dale and the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Grammy-award winning Musical Director Steve Sidwell.

Instrumentation: Solo cello, clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 hors, harp, strings

Playing standard: Intermediate

Duration: 5’40”

Whilst in hospital recovering from a life-saving operation, I learned that a close family member had lost his long battle with cancer. This piece reflects the acceptance of the dying of the light; the embracing of the end of a life; the final resignation. The stasis of the repetitive harp arpeggios forms a backdrop over which the cello emerges from nothing with a series of gradually rising phrases. When this is recapitulated at the end of the piece the fluttering string figures echo the last flickerings of life before the close. Conceived as a eulogy for one who suffered much with great equanimity, I hope this music conveys the quiet dignity of a fine man.