Concert March – Champion


On Friday October 5th I went to hear the legendary Foden’s band on the eve of the National Finals at the Albert Hall. As a few of their players had been held up on their train journey I was one of a handful of players who were asked to sit in with the band and play the first half of the concert, until the missing players could arrive. The following day Foden’s stormed to a famous victory in the National Brass Band Championships. Fast forward a month and you find me in my studio, contemplating what to compose next. I’d been mulling over the idea of writing a contemporary concert march, and I decided to celebrate that weekend by dedicating the march to Foden’s. When it came to naming the piece, that was easy. There was only one choice: ‘Champion!’. This demo was recorded by me, tracking up all the parts in my studio.

Instrumentation: Brass band

Percussion: 3 players

Playing standard: Advanced

Duration: 4’50”

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Concert March – Champion