After a period away from writing music to order for the lovely people of the TV, film and advertising world, we have returned with a vengeance.

We took a sabbatical to concentrate on writing some new films and shows that are now in pre-production in the UK and New York, but now that the writing and composing work is done, we are returning to what we love best — solving the musical challenges that our multi-media world throws at us.

We are in the middle of launching our brand new website — which you must know because you’re in it! Over the next month or so we will be adding our new ‘search & sync’ library, where registered users can download music to sync to picture.

So, the creative team behind Artemis Media Music — composer/arrangers Mike Sheppard , Phil Edwards and Paul Fawcus — are now firmly back in the saddle; the team that wrote music for ads, tv and film for over a decade (see our showreel here) is now fully refreshed and champing at the bit.

If you’re a Creative in an ad agency, or a TV producer or director, and you need music, or a music supervisor, or an arranger — give us a call.

We’d be delighted to hear from you and we’re up for the challenge! Throw us your curviest curve-ball!