Ellie’s Theme

An introspective character study for solo piano and orchestra

Dogs of War

An epic orchestral piece to underscore a CG-enhanced battle sequence

Green Eyes

Based on the Nat King Cole version, this recording was recreated for Granada / LWT’s ‘Marple’ series.

Drake’s Fortune

The soundtrack to the national TV advertising campaign for this computer game.

Murder by Stealth

A Marple Murder Mystery signature tune.

Anything Goes

A re-recording of the Cole Porter standard featuring Soul Diva Mica Paris.


Cue from ‘Saving Lives’ (Dir. Phil Walsh) for Mice International Productions.

After Dark

A little night music – bluesy jazz.


A pumped up track for a pumped-up product – Lucozade Hydro, the isotonic sports drink.

Polecat Strut

An original piece in the style of the Louis Armstrong All Stars.

Saving Lives – final cue

The denouement to this action-packed film.

Full Tilt

This cue called for some fleet-footed work from woodwind and tuned percussion.