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Ellie’s Theme

Ellie’s Theme In reverence and celebration of children everywhere – especially the ones who live secretly inside all of us – this piece is an observation of, and a tribute to, the unalloyed joy of innocence and the purity of the child. It also reflects the tenderness of the unconditional love of a parent. The breathtaking fragility of the first…

An Ordinary Tuesday

https://youtu.be/tmGJFLRUx0E An Ordinary Tuesday This piece was inspired by a single moment in an otherwise ordinary day, when the landscape of many lives changed utterly and forever in one man’s decision. The music takes us into the emotional abyss – imagine you had taken an irreversible course of action sure to destroy all the calm you knew; but those around…


Hymnus The use of horns and woodwind at the beginning evokes the sustaining sound of an organ accompanying a hymn tune in this homage to the unborn child. At times this piece stares into the shadow’s depths, with the central section seeing some of the most intensely passionate moments. An insistent, plaintive repeated phrase builds to a climax before, emotions…

A Remark You Made

https://youtu.be/Vx4ha-7lfUc A Remark You Made A simple remark can have huge resonances – sometimes immediate, at other times viewed through the prism of time and distance; often replayed in our memories, each time taking on a different emphasis or meaning. Such remarks can have enormous significance when the person from whom they came is no longer with us. This piece…

The Soul Rests Eternal

https://youtu.be/w2pXECfkVOE The Soul Rests Eternal This is the title track from the 2010 album of the same name. The theme of the album is loss and remembrance of those we have loved. Although much of the music is sad, it also celebrates the uplifting aspects of human love, and I hope some of that warmth comes though in this music….


Tintinnabulum I love the contrast between the sustaining sound of the strings and woodwind, and the tinkling sounds of the percussion, who keep up a ‘perpetuum mobile’ in the accompaniment figure. The lush portamento of the central section is an homage to the Hollywood film scores I grew up listening to. PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Despite The Falling Snow

https://youtu.be/5f08kp624dg Despite The Falling Snow Inspired by the Robert Graves poem, She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep’, it takes the last line of the poem as its title. This piece featured on the album ‘The Soul Rests Eternal’, which consists of 14 works for cello and orchestra, recorded by Caroline Dale with the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Steve…

Artemis & Orion

Artemis & Orion A lyrical piece for solo cello and chamber orchestra. part of the CD ‘The Soul Rests Eternal’ recorded by Caroline Dale (cello) with the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Steve Sidwell. PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Elegy For A Lost Son

https://youtu.be/OeJGrl94t7g Elegy For A Lost Son This piece was difficult to write, but very cathartic. For anyone who has lost a child, I hope this brings some comfort. It formed part of my 2010 album ‘The Soul Rests Eternal’, featuring the fabulous cellist Caroline Dale and the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Grammy-award winning Musical Director Steve Sidwell. PURCHASE SCORE…