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Elegy — Cornet Solo & Brass Band

Elegy — Cornet  solo with brass band Written to commemorate Remembrance Day, this piece features a solo cornet, playing the role of the bugler playing the Last Post. After a slow introduction the main theme opens with the rising fifth motif of the Last Post, and then develops this into a sweeping melody. A more agitated central section brings forth…


Carequinha Behind the painted smile of a clown there often lies a sensitive, troubled soul. This piece is a tribute to arguably the greatest clown of all — the legendary Brazilian master named simply ‘Carequinha’. He was the first Brazilian clown to have his own TV show. ‘Circo Bombril’, later renamed ‘Circus Carequinha’ ran for 16 years. PURCHASE SCORE AND…

In Pacem Aeterna

In Pacem Aeterna This is a partner piece to ‘Elegy’ and was composed to for Remembrance Day. It is subtitled ‘For the Fallen’ and its uses fragments of melodies closely associated with the First World War, such as ‘It’s A Long Way To Tipperary’ and the hymn tunes ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘O God Our Help In Ages Past’….

When A Baby Is Born (SATB & Band)

When A Baby Is Born (SATB & Band) A setting of one of my Christmas carols, for SATB choir and brass band. In this version I have added colourful interludes for band in between the verses for choir. PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

The Twelve Keys Of Christmas

The Twelve Keys Of Christmas An epic three-movement romp through more than forty songs associated with Christmas — some obvious ones, like Christmas carols, and others not so obvious! This is a great piece with which to play ‘spot the tune’ with the audience! PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm This is a programmatic piece for brass band that depicts a small boat on a calm sea. Suddenly, from nowhere, a violent squall explodes into life and the storm-tossed boat races against the elements as it hurtles across the breaking waves in a dash for the sanctuary of the bay. PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Lullaby (Brass Band Version)

Lullaby (Brass Band Version) This piece exists in various versions, including one for choir and one for euphonium solo with band. This is the version for brass band. PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Breathless — Tuba Quartet & Percussion

Breathless — Tuba Quartet & Percussion A friend of mine who is a percussionist laughed out loud when I told him I was going to write a piece for tuba quartet and percussion based on a hip hop groove. He’s not laughing now! PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Star Fire

Star Fire This is an affectionate homage to the genre of film scores that accompany action movies about things that fly: from early influences such as Ron Goodwin’s score to 633 Squadron right through to John Williams’ Star Wars and beyond — this piece offers a tribute to those great composers and their music. PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS

Dash — The Flight Of The Angry Wasp

Dash — Flight Of The Angry Wasp This is a sort of mash up between the ‘Minute Waltz’ and ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’. The idea is that the pieces should last less than one minute, which means it has to be played fast! PURCHASE SCORE AND PARTS