A returning musician’s take on the brass band world

A little background This blog is about my impressions of the brass band world having returned to it after a gap of nearly four decades. I played in several brass bands back in the 70’s [...]

Why isn’t there a brass band Prom?

Why isn’t there a brass band concert as part of the BBC Proms? I’ve been mulling over this question for some time now. It seems to me that brass band music is still viewed by [...]

What’s the best setup for a brass band?

Last Sunday I spent a fascinating day listening to brass bands at the National Finals at the Centaur, Cheltenham. I got there early and listened to a few of the third section bands, then trotted [...]

Association of Choral Directors of America 2017

"There is more choral music being written now than at any time in the history of music  — Discuss". That would be a good topic for a music undergraduate essay. It certainly seems that there's [...]

Artemis composer named “Great British Discovery”

A little recognition goes a long way in the music industry, so it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that I was named a "Great British Discovery" by Classic FM, even it comes [...]

Carnage in the music industry

2016 has been unusually cruel to music lovers. Not only have we lost David Bowie and Prince — two iconic figures in the world of pop music — but we have also lost Earth, Wind [...]